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Vietnam Distributor for BONDHUS, Felo, Hex*Pro, Channellock, Irega
Distributor located in Vientaine Laos

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VOREX Hand Tools and Power Tool accessories
Quality Hand Tools and Power Tool accessories from China Vorex Tool's strength is quality. Vorex tools are made of only the finest materials, manufactured to exacting tolerances.
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Found 62 items
HSS Titanium Drill Bit - VOREX
Code : 501822
HSS Titanium Drill Bit - 1mm
Dia: 1mm
Working length: 12mm
Overall length: 34mm

HSS titanium drill bit from Vorex
Code : 501824
HSS Titanium Drill Bit - 2mm
Dia: 2mm
Working length: 24mm
Overall length: 49mm

Vorex hss titanium drill bit
Code : 501825
HSS Titanium Drill Bit - 2.5mm
Dia: 2.5mm
Working length: 30mm
Overall length: 57mm

HSS Drill bit
Code : 501826
HSS Titanium Drill Bit - 3mm
Dia: 3mm
Working length: 33mm
Overall length: 61mm

VOREX HSS titanium drill bit
Code : 501827
HSS Titanium Drill Bit - 3.5mm
Dia: 3.5mm
Working length: 39mm
Overall length: 70mm

HSS Titanium drill bit
Code : 501828
HSS Titanium Drill Bit - 4mm
Dia: 4mm
Working length: 43mm
Overall length: 75mm

Vorex HSS titanium drill bit
Code : 501829
HSS Titanium Drill Bit - 4.5mm
Dia: 4.5mm
Working length: 47mm
Overall length: 80mm

HSS Titanium drill bit for steel and stainless steel
Code : 501830
HSS Titanium Drill Bit - 5mm
Dia: 5mm
Working length: 53mm
Overall length: 90mm

HSS titanium drill bit
Code : 501831
HSS Titanium Drill Bit - 5.5mm
Dia: 5.5mm
Working length: 57mm
Overall length: 93mm

ดอกสว่านเจาะเหล็ก สแตนเลส Vorex
Code : 501832
HSS Titanium Drill Bit - 6mm
Dia: 6mm
Working length: 57mm
Overall length: 93mm

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