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Vietnam Distributor for BONDHUS, Felo, Hex*Pro, Channellock, Irega
Distributor located in Vientaine Laos

Slimmer, lighter, better balanced design with XLT Xtreme leverage technology. Less force required to cut than traditional high leverage designs.
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Side cutting pliers
Code : E41S
Side Cutting Pliers
Overall Length: 4.22"/107.18mm (A)
Jaw Length: 0.52"/13.21mm (B)
Joint Thickness: 0.29"/7.37mm (C)
Joint Width: 0.46"/11.68mm (D)
Cutting Edge: 0.52"/13.21mm (E)
Handle Span: 1.98"/50.29mm (H)

End cutting pliers
Code : E42S
End Cutting Pliers
Overall Length: 3.97"/100.84mm (A)
Jaw Length: 0.28"/7.11mm (B)
Joint Thickness: 0.29"/7.37mm (C)
Joint Width: 0.63"/16mm (D)
Cutting Edge: 0.57"/14.48mm (E)
Handle Span: 1.98"/50.29mm (H)

Long Nose Pliers with Side Cutter
Code : E47S
Long Nose Pliers with Side Cutter
Overall Length: 4.86"/123.44mm (A)
Jaw Length: 1.13"/28.7mm (B)
Joint Thickness: 0.29"/7.37mm (C)
Joint Width: 0.46"/11.68mm (D)
Cutting Edge: 0.27"/6.86mm (E)
Nose Width: 0.08"/2.03mm (F)
Nose Thickness: 0.07"/1.78mm (G)
Handle Span: 1.98"/50.29mm (H)

Snipe nose pliers
Code : E50S
Snipe Nose Pliers
Overall Length: 5.69"/114.53mm (A)
Jaw Length: 2"/50.80mm (B)
Joint Thickness: 0.29"/7.37mm (C)
Joint Width: 0.46"/11.68mm (D)
Nose Width: 0.10"/2.54mm (F)
Nose Thickness: 0.08"/2.03mm (G)
Handle Span: 1.98"/50.29mm (H)

Slip joint pliers with shear
Code : 524
Slip Joint Pliers with Shear
Overall Length: 4.78"/121.44mm (A)
Jaw Length: 0.73"/18.49mm (B)
Joint Thickness: 0.28"/7.16mm (C)
Joint Width: 0.88"/22.25mm (D)
Handle Span: 0.17"/78.47mm (H)


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